Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Bath

Confession: Cleanliness of the body is not the highest priority here. Or rather it's not an obsession here as it has become in our current culture. Children are soaped up once a week. Dirty summer feet are rinsed at night. And our baby was not bathed until she was 3 weeks old.

Everyone is healthy. =)


Maya said...

didn't you think it was kind of crazy that the octomom was criticized for not bathing her babies EVERY DAY? I mean, I definitely understand much of the other criticism, but that one was a little crazy.

I think she looks a lot like Jesse, don't you?

Patricia said...

I didn't hear that one. sheesh!

Yes, I see alot of Sarah in Anna, like Jesse, but the blond hair and blue eyes are there too, making a beautiful combo.

Some midwives say that babies look like Daddy in the early days to help with bonding now, and identity of paternity eons ago. Works for us. ;)

Shez said...

A girlfriend and I had this discussion yesterday. Neither of us thinks that children need, or even should, be bathed daily.

Anna Lea said...

Amen. :)