Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pink Tent

In the summer I had a dream.  In this dream I taught a class at HSoBX with my friend.  It was a "birds and bees" class for girls with a focus on the natural side.  So we talked and taught about listening to our bodies, watching our rhythms, and different herbs we can use to help us when we're feeling moody, or crampy, and what nutrients our bodies may be asking for at those times.  I guess it wasn't so much a "birds and bees" class.  It was more a "coming of age" gathering.  It was warm.  It was soft.  It gave the girls options and choices.  It reassured them that they were not alone.

Tonight my dream comes true.

I shared my dream with my friend.  She came up with a name.  I came up with an outline.  We are somehow melding our ideas together and creating something new for our girls.

We'll gather once a month.  The girls will bring a snack they can eat.  (We have many young ladies with food allergies in our circle, so at least they know they can eat what they bring.)  Our time together will open with a story to help us relax and settle in and some music and dancing to ground us.  There will be a discussion topic.  Then the adults leave and the girls have their own time.  We come back and do some yoga to close.

That's it.  Our Pink Tent is about to be born.

Sarah baked pumpkin muffins, made fairy fudge, and gathered camellias from our yard.
I'm bringing sparkling pink lemonade.