Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where I've Been

Here's my favorite commercial, from back when we had TV. This is what I've been up to. Only, I don't look this good, even when I do have the chance to shower. I haven't been writing, so I'm removing that feature for a bit. It's depressing, since I know I'm forgetting things left and right. What have I been doing? Living. Diaper changes. Pillow fights. (Yes. I get Anna happy in another room, and we have at it for 5 minutes.) Breakfast. Shopping. Lunch. (No peanut butter here of course, but I have the same cutting board.) Baths. Dog. (and a cat now.) Dinner. Diaper changes. Outings. Walks. Bedtime. Stories. (*heart* how the baby sneezes here.) and Laundry! (Only, I don't use the dryer anymore.)

I do all that (and a few other things) holding Anna. She's asleep now, but when she's awake, she wants her mama, and she does not want her mama to sit at the computer. That is boring. A teething baby wants some entertainment to ease the pain. She also wants whatever you are eating or drinking, so beware. She may grab a handful of rice and stuff it in her mouth faster than you can respond. She may pat her hand right into your bowl of soup. (ouch! poor baby! It wasn't very hot, but still hurt.)

And that is where I've been. Living life.


Kirsten said...

oh yes, I forgot how the little babies hate the computer.

Jen said...

Ok, I've been searching for that commercial ever since I saw it. Where did you find it?

Patricia said...

hmmm... should I share where? ;) I too searched high and low - YouTube, all different ways on Google, ABC. I found the sound track, every other Suave add and chat discussions about the model. Once I finally discovered it, I am pleased as punch I popped it into my favorites file. When I was at my parents', I spent hours trying to find it again. Never did. All that to say: I worked hard, got lucky and am happy to share with you. =)

Whittney said...

That commercial makes me want to dye my hair and go back to work in the salon!