Friday, February 19, 2010

Fair, Brown & Trembling

Only one story this week. This gave us more time to actually discuss it and ask questions. Questions are my favorite!

What is a henwife? If the henwife cut a piece from Trembling's dress, wouldn't her sisters notice? Why could she not go in the church? Is a mare a horse? Where is Zulu?

Characters: Fair, Brown, Trembling, father, henwife, many princes
Trouble Makers: two sisters
Helpers: henwife
Magical Events: changes dress and provides horse
Ending: married after fighting, 14 children, sisters out to sea
Special Item: blue slipper
Food: ham, potatoes and peas
Dress: elegant, colorful, with head coverings
Architecture: castle, church
Value: beauty, kindness, children, horses

This is a traditional Cinderella tale from Ireland, with a twist or two. There are no step-sisters or a step-mother. Her own two sisters are the mean ones. The henwife provides an exquisite dress and mare for Trembling to go to church on three different Sundays. There is no party or ball. After they find and identify her with a shoe that is "neither too large nor too small", multiple princes from all over the world (hence Zulu) fight for Trembling's hand in marriage. The winner marries her, they have 14 children and the sisters are "put out to sea in a barrel with provisions for seven years - and were never seen again!"

Everyone did so well filling in their graph! Even the little ones were writing their great big letters and adding values to our list. This is something I did not expect to see. What great thinkers!

Culture Food: ham and potatoes.
While Trembling is at church, the henwife prepares the family meal for her. This is what she serves. (Note: Tasting is always optional.)

Culture Music: Dancing Willow's demo CD.
Children were dancing to this one!

Culture Craft: What kind of horse would you like the henwife to bring you? Milky white? Glossy black? White with blue and gold diamonds? Everyone got a horse to decorate, and decorate they did! I saw unicorns and wings, saddles and bridles, stirrups and sparkles. The creative juices were flowing!
Here is a sampling:

organic gold potatoes and nitrate, hormone, chemical, everything but delicious flavor free ham


Lostcheerio said...

Superduper cute! Love the horses -- so fanciful!

Cerwydwyn said...

hah! I LOVE that one of the 'values' listed is: Horses. Yes. =D

Patricia said...

Tina - One of the kids in class came up with that one. Not me. ;)

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

God bless your indelible souls.
Jesus, I trust in You!!!!!
Cya Upstairs someday...

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...

God bless your indelible souls.
Jesus, I trust in You!!!!!
Cya Upstairs someday...