Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6 week menu

So... I've menu planned for the last 13 years.  It's what I do.  When I've taken a break, I've watched our grocery bills sky-rocket, so I don't take breaks anymore.  However, I was getting tired of some of our meals.  With my allergies, the list of available foods is limited.  I figured if I tried a 6 week long plan, rather than the 4 weeks I've always planned in the past, maybe I wouldn't tire of eating what I can eat.  It took me five months to figure this out!  Granted, we also BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOUSE and MOVED in that time frame, but redoing the menu was not easy.  Here is the rough draft.  It is a draft since we are still testing some of the new meals.  I may need to toss some as the weeks go buy.  I hope to report back with how this works for us and the recipes, so you know how to make dairy, egg, and gluten free Lasagna, among other things.

To see 6 weeks of gluten, dairy, and nut free and almost soy and seafood free in its own large window, click here.


Nellie said...

Great menu! I was so interested to see it because when I usually find meal plan ideas it's "take a can of this and dump it with this really inexpensive meat and voila!" I love your ideas!

Patricia said...

Thank Nellie! Warning: when you see the recipes, the beans are all canned. Someday soaking and cooking the organic dried ones will become a higher priority here. Not now. :)

Jen said...

Do I see Shepherd's Pie in there...? :D

Patricia said...

Yes ma'am! We love it! I've tweaked the recipe a bit, but it is still close to what we shared.
When I served some to my parents when they were visiting, they asked for thirds, but there wasn't any left. ;)