Sunday, November 23, 2008

Birthday Bean!

Today you are 4! - and proud and loud and deliciously cute. In the last year... Your imaginative play soared. You started to read. I thought I might be able to say that you weaned, but after your fingers were closed in a door last week, you remembered. You got your own bed, that you sleep in at least half the night. You stopped nodding on the phone. I can decipher most of your drawings now, and all the people and animals have belly-buttons. You ask if they are beautiful enough to hang on the fridge. They always are. Your favorite food is "bisghetti." You still love Cinderella, cats, fairies, the color yellow. You started dance class and love, love, love it. You dote on and care for those younger than you. You give me the random hugs and kisses a mama needs. You grew!
from Christmas '07
to your princess party!

I love you Leah Bean!!


Amy said...

Holy Crap was that your husband or his dad? Crazy!!

Patricia said...

his Dad. =)
Leah is holding a paper that says PAPA. She sounded it out and wrote it herself.