Wednesday, December 3, 2008

kWh usage

Way back when, I said I'd post our kW hour usage. In light of Sarah's challenge, I thought now would be a good time. BTW, is no one else watching their electricity use and weighing their recycling, other than our fun friend Rebecca, in Pgh? Sarah's still tickled to do this, but she was hoping for more participants. =) She's taking it seriously too. She's limiting David and Leah's TV time, not that they have that much, and inventing games for them instead. *hehe*

Anyhow, I'm not sure how many numbers you might be interested in. I have them all. We've never used 1,000 kWh, and now have it to rarely over 500. My favorite numbers are from July: 853 kWh in '06, 862 kWh in '07, 450 kWh in '08. No AC folks! When I broke down and used it for a weekend in September, we had our highest usage for this year - 489 kWh. August was unusually cool here and our usage shows that at 279 kWh. October was 403 kWh. November was 425 kWh.

Last December we jumped up to 505 kWh. I'm not sure why. I think Jess and I stay up late working in December. I'm hoping to have it lower this year, but we're burning the candles again. Rather, we should be burning candles with how late we're staying up. Instead, we've got the lights on. =)

Our average for 2007 was 444 kWh. The average for 2008 so far is 391.5 kWh.

There's our numbers. Sarah wanted to know if our meter ever stopped turning. We discussed the fridge and fish tank. They're always running, and have to. A few months ago we got in the habit of unplugging most of our appliances when they are not in use - TV, VCR, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine. We have one computer that is on all day and asleep all night. I'm working on that habit. Gotta' shut the thing off! Speaking of which...


Cerwydwyn said...

P-Tell Sarah that we will join her in January, if she wants. December is just a bad month to begin something like this for us because we have extra power zinging around. Our usage will be nowhere near as low as yours, which should be validating for you :)
I don't think I'm up for weighing our recycling. We recycle a LOT of stuff and also feed all leftovers to the chickens. Only do a trash run about every 3 weeks--2 cans for the house, 1 for the the barn. We don't have service here but have to drive our stuff to a Dumping Station.

Molly said...

oh, I just realized that you already unplug appliances. I really do read your messages!

Btw, we can't weigh our recycling because 1) we don't have a scale and 2) we don't know where to recycle anything but plastic bottles (which weigh almost nothing). Sorry. :(


Molly said...

oh... and I replied above to your Monday Menu message when I originally meant to reply here. Oy! I'm spacey today!

melina said...

We also monitor our kWh. Our goal is <1,000 kWh per month. Not using the dryer is what does it for us.

Is your home all electric? So few people collect this data I get all excited when someone else does it!

You can read about our usage here.

Anonymous said...

I missed the start of your challenge, but I'd be glad to take the challenge another time, just let me know when! We don't recycle much stuff, but also don't throw much out (I'm trying to focus more on the 1st 2 R's). For electric, our average for 2007 was 775kWh and for 2008 so far has been 302kWh Nov 2006 was 1442, Nov 07 was 277 and Nov 08 was 265. I unplugged the fridge and am using it as an icebox so I'm curious to see how that will change the numbers. With the computer, do you put it on standby when not in use during the day? If you ever want to borrow our Kill-a Watt, let me know, I just have to get it back from someone else borrowing it!

Anonymous said...

Patricia ~ I don't know if you remember me but I am Mary Ellen Herr. I met youns in Louisville and then I travelled to Minnesota a couple of times. I went to Saltsburg once. I cannot believe you are old enough to have children. For what it's worth I'm 60:( ; have six kids, 9 grandchildren and hope to have more. The kids are Cathy, Carol, Sally, Joe Jr., Teresa, & Debbie. Cathy is married to Sean and they have Shelby. Carol is married to Craig and they have Hezekiah, Abraham & Joseph. Sally is married to Randy and they have Brady. Joe isn't married. Teresa is married to Dan and they have Gianna, Mya and Danny (not Jr.). Debbie has Jayden (boy). I talk to your Mom frequently and plan to visit when the weather improves. I live in New Galilee, PA.