Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crisp Memories

ooo! I love this weather! For me, this is the first day of fall. The air is crisp and cool. Thoughts of bonfires, my hoodie IUP sweatshirt, apple cider and the color orange all come to mind. I'm going to wear orange tomorrow in honor of the weather. =) A bit of sunshine would have been nice, but I still delighted in the day, even the light rain that started on my morning walk.

There may be a few more days in the 80s here, but it is nice to have my windows open, and have to SHUT them at night. I'm chilled and thrilled. :) Sunday was HOT however! With a heat index of 102, I stopped counting the hours of AC use. On Saturday morning, we were at 12. By Sunday am it was 21. At least one of the units was on all day and the ceiling fans were doing their duty too, so I gave up. I think I made it through the summer with under 36 hours of AC use! This was accomplished with a relatively cool Aug, two weeks of vacation in both June and July and living in a small, one story house that is fairly well shaded, across the street from the inlet of a river that provides breezes. I'm hoping it all added up to some savings. I'll post our comparative kw hours once I get them gathered.

So here's the memory part of my thoughts tonight. I'm pining for Paris. We went last October, and I just want to run off there now. I'd take a few girlfriends, (or maybe dhubbie again ;) lounge in the parks, stroll through the streets, get lost in the museums and dash for the RER. So, if it was 20 degrees colder, I'd dig out the scarf I knit for France and go sit on the river wall in Ghent. Hearing this song: I Will Follow You Into The Dark Artist: Death Cab doesn't help. We first heard it at the wedding we attended in Pont-de-Pany. Now it brings back everything - smells, tastes, sights, sounds. *sigh*

Here are some bits 'n' pieces of the sights for you:

Happy, delicious memory making to you and yours!

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