Wednesday, September 17, 2008

once I went a walking

Ask and you shall receive. The sun was out this morning. =)

Along with our scrumptious weather it brought out walkers I haven't "met" yet. Mom with babe in stroller was standing on a corner, joined now by another mom with stroller and two more women, all doing more chatting than walking. New couple was out with their large poodle and crossed the street so as not to share the sidewalk with me. New college student crossed the bridge. Brown-and-white dog (with walker of course) was new too. Then there were the regulars: slim trim mom who jogs with red jogger and prim perfect golden, girlfriends who look uncomfortable jogging and are always talking, yellow lab with a different companion though who wore a walking cast. Talk about dedication!

With the wind, the river was rough and lapping the shores. The clouds were white and perfect and like the artist couldn't decide which type of smattering and smearing to use. There were roses blooming in one yard. (They bloom in May and October here.) A few crepe myrtle were trying to hold on to their final magenta blossoms.

One piece was missing - my walking buddy. Miss you bunches!

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