Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jury Duty

I return from vacation to find a jury summons in our pile of mail we had held. I've never received a summons before. With everything I was experiencing and feeling at the time, I took "the court looks with disfavor upon requests for excuse from jury duty" a bit too seriously. Also, while on vacation Jesse and I took a three day solo trip to Seattle. My conscience pricked a bit at checking the I have children that need my sole care excuse. Lastly, Jesse doesn't teach on Thursdays this semester. So... I did my duty: for the term of one month, commencing on Thursday, Sep 04, 2008, and thereafter on each successive Thursday for the balance of the month of September, 2008.

You call the night before, to see if your panel is excused.
Week 1: "All jury panels are excused." (I call back three times to be sure I hear the recording correctly.)
Week 2: "All jury panels are excused."
Week 3: "All jury panels are excused."
Week 4: "All jurors on panels 040001 through 040125 must report for duty at 9am."
I'm on panel number 040161.

obligation complete
duty fulfilled

Next time I may not be so lucky. I'll check the "kids excuse" box. ;)

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