Sunday, September 28, 2008

weekend moments

"HELLOO-O! Anybody want a pepper harvest?"

(Notice my red cheeks from tending the fire. We built one to keep the mosquitoes away. They are swarming because of all the rain. Also note that mommy needs to cut my hair. ;)

Sarah doing what she loves best - moving. No feet on the ground? even better! She's had quite the jump-roping weekend with tricks, twirls and even on one foot.

David's questions now are about babies in their mommy's tummy - how they grow, the function of the umbilical cord and placenta... Last night: How does the baby get out of the mommy?
me: (thinking fast) How do you think?
D: (with little giggle) I don't know. How do you think?
me: Well, there is an opening in the mommy's body that gets bigger when it is time for the baby to come out.
That's the best I could come up with for my curious 5 year young.

"Your memory is in your brain, and that is under your hair." David Richman to his younger sister in the backseat of the car, 9/23/08.

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Amy said...

When I get Amelie's birth video from my friend in Cali there is a hwole thing about the placenta.