Monday, September 15, 2008


So, my venture into the blogging sphere is off to a roaring start. I sat today and just stared at what I embellished last night, and smiled. silly? yes. That was when I was not talking on the phone, helping to launch a new YahooGroup, strolling the waterfront of Portsmouth with David, Leah and Whittney with company, doing homework with Sarah, and doing school with David.

I've wanted this for years. It took my dh creating something and being listed on a friend's blog to get me started. Thank you for the nudging guys!

Now for something sweet before I'm out for the night. On the way to Portsmouth, my little people were coloring in the back, crayons in the middle. David's seat is lower and his arms are longer. He handed Leah the colors she wanted. At Colley and 27th I hear, "Can I be a good citizen in the car mommy?"
Chalk up another "I love MBtP" for me! We just finished our first concept. Environment ends with community, and citizens with character - respect, responsibility, honesty and kindness. I think he got it. ;)

Leah's still up. Crazy girl! Bright side, she just wrote and identified the number 100 and is pulling her own entertainment from the "preschool" basket. I do not recommend or endorse this method of learning. Sleep is an essential ingredient. =)


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Amy said...

Bravo!!!! A wonderful start!