Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today I am 16 weeks pregnant. This is the same as the beginning of the second trimester and the fourth month. I feel like we've all met "milestones" around here.

dear baby,
You keep growing and growing! I get the babycenter weekly email for your sister Sarah's sake. She loves knowing all about you. This week you'll grow toenails. Your ears continue to develop. I should feel you move soon. You're 4 1/2 in. long from head to little behind. This is about the size of all your siblings' hands. Visualizing how big you are seems to make you a bit more "real" to them. Your brother finally admitted that you are here. His first reaction to you was, "Stop kidding with me! You're joking! Your tummy isn't big enough for a baby!" Last night he said, "Mom, the baby is growing. Your tummy is getting bigger." (Thanks, bud! ;)

dear bean,
Would you PLEASE stop growing? pretty please? Your toddlerhood is a distant memory. Now you are racing through the preschool years? You play and play and play some more, usually with a stuffed "lost" kitty or your siblings. You keep begging to do "school". We tried MBtP. You do option 1 for the activities, when there is an option 2 for David, and love it! Now you know the habitats of different animals, can identify natural and human resources and continue to point out the community workers you see as we walk and traverse town. You filled an alphabet practice book and yearn for more. You continue to amaze me with your adorable disposition! Although the adamant "no!"s of 4 have begun, your sweet "sure" still brings a smile. And where would I be without your random hugs and kisses? hugs and kisses to you my bean-babe!

dear buddy,
Wow man! You can multiply! You sure have a thing for numbers, and Miquon seems to be just the right fit. You can read! Just short, sort vowel books, but that is where most of us start. And what about your questions? The 5's Whys are in full swing! First: "What is this?" (I thought it might be an old piece of decaying dog poop you found on our walk, and asked you to put it down.) Followed by: "Why do flies lay their eggs on dog poop? Why do the baby flies grow there? Why do flies lay their eggs on people poop? Why do flies lay their eggs on all kinds of poop? Why if a fly is sitting near the toilet looking for poop will it get flushed down? Why is the push down thing (handle) on the toilet? Why does the water go out? Why do they recycle toilet water?" Later: "Why can the sun get covered up by clouds sometimes?" So you do wonder about topics other than flies, poop and toilets. ;) You have such an inquisitive mind! And imaginative too. What you create with Legos is so cool! (You cannot wait to get your Lego crane for Leah's birthday.) Your self-control and awareness is developing by leaps and bounds as you make and keep friends. Your kindness towards Leah is heartwarming, while your cooperative play with Sarah floors me. I love you bud boy!

dear begeara,
You sure shocked me this week! Double digit addition with carrying in your head? I didn't teach you that one! Now you're trying the same thing with subtraction? Slow down, girlfriend! I love watching you read. Today I almost stopped you. I thought you were in a bit over your head. But I bit my tongue. As you progressed through the first chapter, your sentences became smoother and you struggled with fewer words. You did it! Guess what? The back of the book says it is aimed at pre-teens and teens. I did a little grade level graph on it that I learned back in college. It's at 7th grade girl! And all your inventions? I think your chair/stool is waiting for further development, but now there is a skateboard in the front yard with bi-bamboo wings taped to it. =) Your art, especially that of religious subjects, is beautiful. You've begun to find creative ways to work with those younger than you. Your helpful spirit and empathy are shining through. You continue to run and jump and climb. And today, school was "good". Not "very good" you noted, but good is still good. Life is good hon. Love, mommy

dear self,
Man! Sorry it's been so long since I've written, like maybe a decade. You are doing well, better. Your self-awareness is growing. I think you're still in that cocoon of yours, but at least you are learning what kind of butterfly you want to be. You went to a playdate today. You had a short anxiety attack beforehand; you were so nervous. I'm trying to be gentle and understanding with you and your feelings, but part of me wants you to "grow up" and "get over" all the hurt. Yes, nasty rumors were spread, but they're not supposed to hurt you, just the "sticks and stones", right? Wrong. Time will help. She always does. And more prayer. And more hugs. You got two hugs as soon as you walked in at the playgroup. That helped, bunches. You've "popped"! No one today believed you, but I took pictures to prove it. You can still do locust and boat in yoga, but not for much longer. =) You're walking now and writing and knitting. You may want to start planning your lessons. Classes start in three weeks. (Just a friendly reminder.) You need to get more sleep, but don't we all. *HUGS*

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Jesse Richman said...

I LOVE your blog. I'm so glad that you are writing this stuff. I love having a record of it, and I love reading what you write.