Monday, September 22, 2008

Room Swap

So, here is how we spent our Sunday evening.


We LOVE it!! Essentially we took almost everything from one wall of the "dining" room and switched it with almost everything from a wall in the living room. I still want to add some finishing touches. That wall is too blank for me, so the kids' photos (that you can barely see in the between pic) may move over, and I'd like a shelf for the musical instruments, rather than their red crate.

I am amazed with how different the spaces feel now, and with how much better they feel. The living room seems to have expanded over night. The "dining" room seems longer, more like a room and less like a passage to the sun/toy room. Now the question is, what to call it? When our house was built, it was the dining room, but now there is an eat-in kitchen. It's been our school room, hallway, piano room. I'm thinking library room with all the books there.


Anonymous said...

love your bookshelves!
Read much:-)
Jen's sis Kris

Patricia said...

who us? read? That's just our decore. ;)