Friday, September 26, 2008

oh...the money

Yesterday we decided to get Washington Mutual's 1 year CD at 5%. As of this morning, Washington Mutual no longer exists. We knew they weren't stable. Even with FDIC insurance, I'm still glad we didn't go that route. Now the question is: which route to take? I went to a "Women and Investing" class on Tuesday. We know we're not buying a house here. Our protection plans only need a bit more cushioning. So it's time we diversify and move our savings into growth plans, an exciting and overwhelming route.

One option is to just spend money, which is what I did this week. ;)

Big purchases: water filter This will pay for itself in less than a year, plus we'll reduce our plastic use. Now we might be able to fit everything in our recycle bin!
rainbow arches pure pleasure purchase here folks =) I've wanted this for ages, didn't get a birthday present this year, the kids play with them every time we visit a friend who has them, and it's the best price I could find.
curriculum David and Leah finished their first concept so quickly; I got the student books for 2, 3 & 4.
Small purchases: thrift store finds! 4 wooden bowls for play kitchen - $1, monkey drum - $.98, reversible fall jacket for David - $4, raincoat for David - $3, sweet tin pail - $.49

My favorites are the rain coat and pail. The pail has the softest painting on it. I can see it holding toys or art supplies. Dave's new coat is too big, so it will last a few seasons, plus it is blue with yellow trim. I was given rain boots for him in the spring that are yellow with blue trim. How cool is that? cheap and matching too!

Here's my pretty pail and David in his rain gear.

On the flip side, I donated 8 bags of stuff to Samaritan House and have a pile of books to give away. In May I took on the challenge to declutter 2008 things in 2008. I was just shy of 1,000 in July. Now we are at 2,118 items given away, recycled or thrown out, and still counting. =)


Amy said...

Hey that bucket is super cute. Glad you didn't get that CD.

Amy said...

Hey do you know anything about the preschool MBTP.

Patricia said...

My girlfriend uses it. She really likes it, says it helps her remember to sit down and take time to read with her younger one. I don't know if she has the parents' book too. I'll ask.