Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Dancing Bean!

We have another dancer! Miss Leah's first class was today. She walked in smiling. She danced. She walked out smiling. No hesitation. No "mommy come with me." No "I don't like the teacher" or "the kids pushed me." Just a happy, happy dancer.
I realized later this was her first class, aside from homeschool enrichment. For 3 1/2 years she's gone from one of Sarah's events to another and tagged along as David began to try different outside activities, but never her own. She loves it! She's ready. She needs this. I'm so proud to watch her grow!

More Leah developments: sleeping in her own bed for about half the night, nursing every three days for about three seconds, starting a K math book, (I don't have much else to give her) reading three words, building a HUGE imaginary world around her imaginary friend Emily Elizabeth.

Here's proof of my development. ;)

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