Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debatable Debate

Alright, maybe I shouldn't even post this, but I have a confession. I did not watch the debates. *ducking* Instead, I soaked with my friend in her hot tub. For me, this is a tried and true testament of dh's love for me. He let me take dinner over to a friend's house and soak in her tub, while he stayed home with our three little people and watched something really important to him. What a man!!

What bits I saw did not look like a debate, only candidates dodging questions and proclaiming what they will do. McCain spoke well about a topic he is familiar with. Obama spoke well. (I believe he is a better speaker in general.) I didn't learn anything new. Maybe this was the purpose.

Oh well, just wanted to say that while most folks were engaged with a television, I had a wonderful evening out. (thanks hon!)

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Amy said...

I didn't either but intended to just got busy with bedtime and forgot. I was actually excited to watch since I am still a bit undecided.