Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Sweet New Year!


Molly said...

Shana tova to you guys too!

Haha... and yes, I really was up that late. I had to get work done for AP English Language before driving to Tel Aviv for Rosh Hashana with Boaz's grandparents, and I didn't trust myself to get it all done in the morning. Oy. Birds were singing when I went to sleep finally. :)

I love you all! :)

Whittney said...

I am a little ignrant here- which new year is celebrated now?

Patricia said...

sorry dear, it was the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah.

Susan said...

What luscious apples and honey-- just right for celebrating a new year :-). I have a big bowl of wonderful tasting (if not quite so pretty :-) ) apples from the trees Jesse planted on the farm, and 3 big bowls of PEARS-- we feel abundantly blessed :-). And we remember and feel grateful to Jesse with every bite, too!

LOVE your blog-- what a sweet story about Sarah reading aloud to her siblings... and Leah's amusing response :-). Haha, reminded me of something I'd easily do in Hebrew-- oooh, those pronouns get tricky :-).

Love you all!

Kris said...

very nice picture! I love your lighting!
Jen's sis

Patricia said...

thank you everyone!
The apples were Trader Joe's organic gala. Not as sentimential as yours Susan, but available. =)

This is one of my favorite pics too, kris!

Maya, I've sooo btdt. Enjoy late hours while your body lets you. ;)