Thursday, January 29, 2009


We have Girl Scouts in our family, past, present and future. It is Cookie season. (Feel free to read that with a sigh and slight tone of dread.) Sarah could not wait! (Leah cannot either. She made her own cookie chart and practiced selling tonight. Did I want a banana cookie? And what was Daddy's favorite color? She'd make him that kind of cookie. Too cute.) Today was a cookie day, and dance for Leah and school for David and Leah, but Sarah sold cookies, over 150 boxes on her first day.

The goal she set for herself is 400, but I'm guessing with a babe on the way she'll get to 200 and call it a year. But she may surprise me. She does insist that she speak with each person. No sending a chart to work with Daddy. No Mommy calling friends. She does it all. The only catch is that she needs an adult with her, and Jess and I are a bit occupied with grant proposals and babies and such.

But what a great start! Keep it up Sarah! You're the best little Brownie I know!


Molly said...

Nooooo!!! I want some cookies!! I don't think you can ship to Israel. :(

Doula Mommy said...

Nursing Mommy of two would LOVE some cookies! I'll have to make sure that daddy who can never resist sweets has not purchased any yet, but I'm sure that I can sneak some boxes for myself (I still have some thin mints in the freezer from last year!!!!)

Patricia said...

Sarah would love to sell you some Jess! Tandeming takes LOTS of callories. ;)

Molly, We ship cookies overseas to soldiers. We may be able to get some into Israel for you.