Sunday, January 18, 2009

To a King or not to a King

That is the most pressing question for me right now, ever since we stayed with my brother over the holidays. They let us sleep in their king size bed. Our children were on air mattresses. By the end of the second night, they were all snuggling with us. They fit!

On the one hand, our Queen works. Sarah only comes to cuddle a few times a year. David might pop in once a month for an early morning snuggle. Leah is still there numerous times each week, but she starts out on her trundle and still sleeps better next to me. Over the next six months, I expect to see her less and less. This morning, everyone is there except me. After an hour of shifting, searching for space, and knowing there was no way I could fit a newborn into the mix, I think I've made my decision.

When you come to visit and we have a guest room, you can enjoy my queen size bed. I will be sleeping soundly, surrounded by those I love the most, on a King.

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