Sunday, April 5, 2009

finished growing

I woke this morning to discover a published post. "Who did this?" Jesse soon confessed. But I wasn't done! So, here is the rest.

The spring lettuce is 4" tall. There are turnips in front of it with greens a foot high. They were planted in the fall and began to go to flower. Jess harvested some turnips today. They of course were nothing like this, but still tasty in soup.

Also in the ground is mint, carrots, over two dozen strawberry plants, radishes, more turnips and our peas. The mint and strawberries are transplants and look like something. The peas are doing splendidly - 5" tall and sturdy. Everything else is two little leaves popping up out of the soil.

In the sun room are tomatoes, basil and thyme. They aren't ready for the outdoors yet. In the plans are peppers, cucumbers, summer squash, pumpkin and watermelon.

There, now you know what is going on in our garden. Go get digging! (Unless you are Lydia. ;)


Anna Lea said...

Wonderous! I'm just getting little sprouts... once David finishes all his building projects in the backyard, my beds are being relocated, so I'm delayed.

Maya said...

I like the new family picture! Except... poor Anna. :) It reminds me of my wedding group picture that looks great except that, if you look closely, Sarah is picking her nose. :)