Thursday, April 30, 2009


This is what was picked this evening, winter lettuce. Leah picked some yummy radishes for me last week. The peppers and tomatoes are in. The carrots and onions look like carrots and onions. The peas are as tall as the fence. That's my garden update.
Almost forgot. Plant your tomato plants when the oak tree puts out its leaves. Oaks don't like frost, so they are the last tree to leaf. Tomatoes don't like frost either. Our oak got its leaves on April 15. Jess waited a week to plant the tomatoes. He trusted the weather people more than the tree. It did get cold, but did not frost. The tree was right.


Kirsten said...

David worked a garden with his grandfather as a child. Acres of garden. He skimmed through square foot gardening and we have a pepper plant and 2 melon plants in the ground in our little plot...and some marigolds!

Patricia said...

acres? wow! Reminds me of our garden on the farm. At this stage in our life, I like 10 pepper plants, rather than 3, 10 ft. long rows. :-P

I'm so proud of you having a little plot! The marigolds will keep the bunnies away (in case you didn't know.)