Friday, May 1, 2009

and a cupboard

Last but not least, I wanted to tackle the cupboard above the stove. I had not organized it in the three years we've lived here. This cupboard holds spices, oils, cereal both hot and cold, bulk tea, liquor and party supplies. The party supplies are what bothered me the most. We just threw stuff in that corner and hoped it didn't fall back on us. (Anyone else have a shelf like that?) It was dangerous too, because if it did come sliding down, it might land in a boiling pot.

Oh, and the coffee I've started drinking was up there too. I moved the coffee. I wanted it near my French Press and did not want my cute carafe up in this danger zone.

Danger zone no longer:(but still no coffee there.) Good-bye ugly broken wipes tub. Hello cute basket that I've held onto for seven years looking for the perfect purpose. Cleaning out old tea we don't use and that basket made all the difference here. It is just the right size for holding streamers, candles, balloons and such. My only regret is that I did not do this sooner. Then I might have found the 6 candle in time for David's birthday.

I LOVE organizing closets and cupboards. They stay that way. I pick up. Stuff gets out. (Sometimes by itself. I swear.) I clean hands and faces and bums and clothes and tables and the toilet. They all get dirty again. I cook. It's eaten. I knit. And Anna's trying to grow out of her sleeper sack before I finish it. I organize a cupboard or closet. It will remain that way for three to six months. I feel good every time I open it. "Here's a little space that does not need to be redone." Thanks Laura! and all the inspiration over at Organizing Junkie.


Kelli said...

I agree about the cabinets!! They stay that way... it is wonderful! :-)

Patricia said...

I did this a week ago, and it still looks this way! =)
Thanks for stopping by Kelli, and for your comments.

Kirsten said...

were did the container of Luvs wipes go?

Patricia said...

um... the garbage. *ducking*

The lid was broken. It was filthy with 7 years of different kitchen grime. I have nicer wipe tubs in the garage if I want to use one.

There. There's all my excuses.

Kirsten said...

no need to duck :-)
just thought it was funny that it was gone because i often keep my wipes in with my braggs and spices *ducking*