Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cosi fan tutte

So, if your husband forwards an email to you about ODU's opera theatre's final performance and asks if you'd like to go, what is your answer? Come now. You had a baby two months ago. The last time you went out with the man was in December. The last time you used a babysitter in Norfolk was July. You cannot remember the last time you used your teenage babysitter. Close to two years maybe? You say yes!

Then you fret about finding a babysitter. You forget to ask around. You remember that you do not particularly like the opera. You tell yourself that the tickets are cheap. Going out is good. In fact, if you were going to see people stand on their heads, (nothing against those who do) you would. You see the teenage babysitter your kiddos love at the park. You ask. You ask for Friday or Saturday. She says Saturday. This is good, because when you get home, you realize the performance is on Thursday and Saturday. You feel embarrassed. You need more sleep.

So, now you are going to the opera, with your dear husband and two month old baby. You arrive and choose aisle seats towards the back. The baby poops. You go to change the baby before they begin. There are no changing tables. There are no counters. You quickly change the baby on a ledge. It is a small theatre. They hold the show for you. The baby fusses during the introduction. You go out in the hall, but the door will lock behind you. You spoke with the usher before hand. You know him. He is the nice librarian who sees you run in on Monday nights to gather books for your class. He lets you back in. The baby fusses again. You stand in the aisle and she settles.

The show begins. You realize how much you enjoy Mozart's music and style. The voices are thrilling. The artists are amazing. You realize how much of the story is told in their faces. Perhaps this is why you did not like the opera. You were never close enough to understand it.

The baby nurses and sleeps in her sling. The entire time. You return home to find your other three children asleep. All is well. The Opera.

If I had to choose symphony, ballet or opera, I'd opt. for the first two. However, this performance opened my eyes to the opera's beautiful possibilities. I know I enjoyed it more than headstands.


Tracey said...

Great post! So glad you got to go out and enjoy the opera! I've been to one or two and, like you, would choose other performances over it, but would happily take the opportunity for a night out and cultured entertainment. :)

Doula Mommy said...

Ballet. I'd choose Ballet! (that and Mike would probably say, Opera? what is that?)
Cute post and glad you enjoyed your night out. Thanks for reminding me that I need a date.

shopannies said...

so glad you had such a great time

~Billie~ said...

Sounds like a great night! I would love to attend the Opera. Unfortunately, there isn't anything close to us.

Susan said...

Loved this post!! Reminded me of the time I went with all four kids to see an opera over at IUP-- Hannah was about 7 months old and slept thru the WHOLE first act... BUT then was SURE that everyone must be clapping for HER and that therefore SHE should now sing :-). So the whole 2nd half I spent playing with Hannah in the lobby and hallways, leaving all three kids (Jesse 11 1/2, Jacob 7 1/2, Molly 4 1/2) in the crowded theatre ALL BY THEMSELVES... DH was not with us-- so my last 'opera' fling was a strictly 'with the kids' affair... and mostly a 'with the baby' affair :-). Glad you really got to enjoy yours!!

Love your writing!!!!!! (and loved those pics of your cabinets-- you are definitely getting me inspired!!!)

your MIL :-)

Rosemary said...

Say, "YES!" You are a wise woman Patricia! So many times I am presented with an opportunity and all the work that goes along with saying, "yes" ovewhelms me, so I mostly say, "No." I am in a place-whether it be a season of the year, a season of my life-not sure, where I am trying to say, "yes" more often. Your post just validates my new found resolution and inspires me! I am proud, impressed, and happy for you!