Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Flood

In case you haven't heard, we got some rain. Three days of it. Fifth highest flood lines in fact. There was actually more than 12 inches of rain in our trash can. Every time I tried to post a picture on FaceBook, the power went out. We never lost the electricity for very long. I cooked extra spaghetti, just in case. What we did loose was our phone and Internet connection, for four days. That's long enough to make me realize how much I've come to rely on those particular wires and long enough to put me behind on posting every day. Who knew a Nor'easter and remains of a hurricane would meet in our city and leave all this?

east end of our street
Those lights coming out of the water are along a street across the river.

more east end, an hour before high tide
There's a submerged dock out there.

west end

west end at high tide
The river took over the parking lot.

west end the next morning
Needless to say, we were stuck. The water rose on either side of us and in front of us, but our house stayed dry. We are grateful.

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Jesse Richman said...

I like the night shot best.