Sunday, November 8, 2009

worth it!

Ta-dahh! Today Sarah and I made THIS:

Jesse took some pictures for me.

From 1:45pm-9:45pm we worked. She dictated. I typed. She chose colors and fonts. I formatted. I cut. She glued. She planned. I glued. (There's 2.5 glue sticks of glue on that thing, and over 100 dots of craft glue.) We love it. The presentation board is complete!

Want to know what she had to say while we were working on it? "You're wonderful Mom! I mean, you're working with me on my poster, and that's not easy. You are a wonderful teacher. You are so patient! No wonder people want you to teach young children."

Talk about a still heart moment! And that was just what I needed to hear, after working with her for hours on end with mastitis. I'm so proud of all she's done and love her so.


Kirsten said...

and the results are?

Lostcheerio said...

I thought Sarah's project was magnificent. And you *are* a magnificent mom. I sure hope you feel better by tomorrow!

Susan said...

Aw, that is *gorgeous* and what an amazing whole project!!! An up and coming psychologist I think (among about a hundred or more possibilities, of course!!!!).

AND that is so very touching, how Sarah was able to just so openly express her real love and appreciation to you, Patricia :-). Definitely one of those '... and her children will rise up and call her BLESSED!' moments (that's from the last long part of Proverbs :-) ).

AND I hope you are able to get through this breast infection smoothly-- hopefully with some good rest come up tomorrow!!! (and I remember you had some great resources and methods to tackle this, too!)

Lots of love, and thanks so very much for sharing this sweet story here :-).

Your mom-in-law,

Patricia said...

Thank you! Thank you!

I am feeling better. I'm tired and weak, but I think I nipped this one fast.

The results are... not really. If kids got candy with sugar their volume went down a bit and activity went up a bit. The real difference was in their agreeableness. Ask them to clean up an hour after sugar and they are 4x as likely to comply.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

My daughter is 9 1/2 now and some of the thins she says just warms my heart. After 7 tough years with here, I certainly need to hear them :-) And for Sarah to tell you that you are so patient. What an amazing compliment from a child. I bet you are an incredible teacher. So sorry to hear about mastitis. I can still remember the pain from that.

Patricia said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words and compliments. I'm touched.