Tuesday, November 10, 2009

GUESS Science Fair 2009

What an amazing experience for all of us! My only wish is that there was more time to see all the projects. There was some spectacular work in the building and all executed by homeschoolers! Sarah's only wish is for more science fairs! "Why do we have to wait all the way until next year?" Because the mama needs a break? Nope. The girl's talkin' plasma and electricity folks.
She loved the demonstrationand enjoyed the program,
but please do not ask about the I-MAX film.

with the judges

The answer was pretty clear - no. There was some variance, but not enough to sway the results. She did find a substantial difference in agreeableness. After sugar, kids willingly picked up (and were more pleasant.)

We ate lunch outside and ran. Note the weather. Gorgeous!
The homeschool families in our area are so lucky to have Lydia and Shez - two great minds and wonderful women teaming up to help provide this experience for our children. Thank you!


Maya / מיה said...

Tell Sarah how proud of her I am! I'm so impressed by how mature she looks speaking to the judges. Way to go! Maybe she'll be the phsyical scientist in the family. :)

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Sarah looks just beautiful in her sweet dress. How lovely that she dressed up for the event. You can really see how proud she is to be there. I would agree that sugar might pick children up. My two react very strongly to food coloring and corn syrup. You can physically see the change in their bodies but especially in their eyes. It usually takes at least 4-5 hours for their behavior to return to normal. With that said, they usually don't have either of these in their diet so their bodies may be more sensitive.