Monday, October 6, 2008

Bucket of Beans

If anyone questions my poor dietary judgement when pregnant, here's proof: Today I finished the 5 lb. bucket of bean salad I bought on Saturday. And no, I did not gain 5 lbs. ;)

This was not any bean salad. This was the four bean salad with onions that I discovered last month on the salad bar at a Farm Fresh in Newport News. I searched for it here. I craved it at midnight. I passed by Trader Joe stuffed grape leaves, (another pregnancy favorite) knowing the bean salad was in the next shopping center. On Saturday, I found it at The Market! just 10 minutes away. We got some great coupons to shop there, ($20 off a $50 purchase) so I was looking to stock our pantry. Instead I got $20 worth of beans and $30 of bits I'd forgotten in the monthly shopping.

When I got home, I realized my bucket held another treasure, the list of ingredients! Now I can try to recreate this. I can also see that I crave sugar and vinegar. I have for the last four months - sweet baby gherkins, dills, embarrassing amounts of soy ice cream, cucumbers from our garden chilled in vinegar with a spoon of sugar mixed in. The list goes on. I'd like to figure out why this is, and hope The PH Miracle can help. Thought: Whoever has this book from the VB library - there is a pregnant woman who is eating a fortune worth of beans, would like to balance her diet in general and was asked to read this book for homework. Please return it as soon as possible. You cannot renew it. She already has a hold placed on it. Thank you kindly.

Random question: What do you crave when you are pregnant? (so I do not feel like a freak, eating so many beans)


Doula Mommy said...

cravings, something different every week, but pretty consistant with salad/fresh veggies (I think we've had one every night so far this week!) Mozzarella sticks for a week (uck!), spinach dip, and my friend's pico de gallo, which I went and sat at her house until she made it for me, I needed it that badly.

Patricia said...

crazy stuff girl! ;) I wish the salad/fresh veggies would come back for me.