Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debating my Indecisiveness at 20 wks

Now this finally was a debate. We did not watch. We listened, to the entire thing. (And yes, I did take a long hot shower in the middle. I had a tradition to uphold. ;) I loved it! But I'm still undecided. I've never considered myself undecided before. It's an odd feeling. I'm leaning, but haven't made a firm decision yet. I think the current state of affairs is so murky, I cannot make out a clear picture for the future, and which candidate is best suited for the position. I'm sure I'll see one soon. In the mean-time, Jess and I agree that Bob Schieffer was the best moderator and this debate gives us much to discuss.

Now for the 20 weeks.... drum roll please. I'm halfway folks! Unless she's moving around, which she does a lot, or I wake up with an aching lower back, or I crave the oddest things at the oddest hours, or I'm in the bathroom either frequently or for forever, or... Oh, never mind! I guess I do feel pregnant. =) It's just that the first half has flow by. It's hard to believe. If I remember correctly, the next 18-21 weeks will drag, especially the last four. I want to enjoy feeling good as long as I can.

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