Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Watered Down Debate

What is it with me and water and presidential debates? Last night I listened while scrubbing the bathroom for 45 minutes and soaking in a hot bath. Sorry I do not have anything intelligent to share. I do not think the debates sway many voters, and except for the toilet and sink, my bathroom harbored more than a month's worth of dust and soap scum.

Plus, I realized I don't really have to watch. I live with, trust and love my very own political scientist. =) I mean, my man studies why politicians make the decisions they do, among other things. So, if he says there wasn't enough time for the candidates to respond to and rebut each other, I do not feel the need to form a different opinion.

In case you're wondering, his verdict on the VP debate was that it was pretty typical. It put us both to sleep. I was knitting while still awake, so I did not see any winking or smirks. He says the first debate was one of the best he's seen, with thoughtful responses.

I think I'll leave the analyzing to him. It's one of his specialties. Next Wednesday you'll probably find me back in hot water. ;)

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