Wednesday, October 29, 2008


We had such a wonderful visit with my brother, his wife and their two children. (Joseph is 3.5 and Catherine is almost 2.) We ate, drank, talked, relaxed, played games and swam at their hotel pool. When they were not playing at "The Richman Children's Museum" as my brother called our home, we took them to: Joseph loved the city bus. I mean really, really LOVED it.
and the beach. (The only time I remembered my camera.)

With all the bodies about, (They stayed here two of the nights.) and the ages of all the little ones, we had a delightful time.
Thank you for coming down guys! We'll see you at Christmas!


Maya said...

WOW! There are two Leahs! And a miniature Brian! (Seriously, we've seen Brian in that exact same pose with the shovel on countless camping trips.) It's great to see everyone!


Patricia said...

HA! You're right! But did he have his tongue curled out in determination? ;) I thought the two Leah's were pretty uncanny too.