Thursday, October 9, 2008


No baby pictures yet. Check back on Sunday for those. =) I planned our ultrasound a bit early (19 wks, rather than 20) so I can share with my sister whether she will have another niece or nephew. She has a visiting weekend in two days. Living in a convent, communication is not always ideal, but she has the opportunity to call me on Saturday. I really want her to be the first to know, since everything else she hears is second-hand. randomness

My favorite parts were seeing a tiny, perfect face, little hand waving, long legs and having the head measure exactly 19wks 1 day, which is where we are today.

Other sights to share...
Rainbow blocks arrived last week! Can you tell? My favorite play moment so far was David swirling them on the floor. They were a tornado. As the storm lessened, they created a rainbow. He carried them over to their shelf when it was complete and said, "Hey, it's fun to play before picking up."

Water filter arrived too, but I will not bore you with views of a tall stainless steel canister. ;) I will say that it is sooo worth it, especially if you lived on a farm, got spoiled to the taste of spring water and after moving spent the next three years buying and drinking water out of plastic.

After Sarah read a sign for a pet store today, Leah asked, "Do you know where you can buy 100 cats?" "Where?" "The cat market!" Here's Leah from the summer with a beloved kitty.
Leah also informed me today, "Did you know that mommies' tummies are spheres?" Maybe she understood more about David's sphere and cube lesson than I thought...

I'm not sure why, but my thoughts keep turning to my grandfather lately. I have some flowers from his funeral on my front steps. They stay there all year, except when we go away in December. They've bloomed for the last 18 months. With Autumn, I added some wheat too. I love to see this as I enter our home.

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Jesse Richman said...

I had a great time at the ultrasound appointment with you and the kids. I liked this so much better than the typical hospital utrasound. Not only was the equipment better, but we got to bring all of the children to the appointment too, so they could see the pictures of the baby right alongside us. I think this was a really special experience for them.

Afterwards, Leah had me read her three books about new babies coming and being a big sister. I think seing the baby on the monitors helped make it all more real for them. The baby is coming. We've seen the baby.