Saturday, October 4, 2008

thrifting on Little Creek

Today I took Sarah along, hoping to find her a fall jacket. This girl does not care about labels. She tries something on, checks for how it "feels" and needs to see if she can RUN. So, if I find zip sweaters from Gymboree and American Girl for $4 each, but the rolled sleeves fall as she's racing down an aisle or they feel "heavy", back on the rack they go. At our last stop we finally found something. Of course I don't recognize the tag, but she's happy with it, and she can run. I also got her a cloak, since she loves them so.

Here's my $31 stash.

breastplate to complete David's Halloween costume, 8 children's books, cloak, complete chess set, small baseball glove, 3 matchbox cars, lap desk, classic pooh, dress for Sarah, dress for Leah, Sarah's sweater jacket and a mermaid costume


Kris said...

your "stash" looks so fun!
Jen's sis

Patricia said...

thanks! =)