Friday, October 10, 2008

A week ago today...

I experienced a freakish accident. I was walking Moe in the morning. This is something unusual, and will never happen again. I saw our neighbor walking his girls to school with their two dogs, on the other side of the street. I made a foolish decision to cross my corner first, hoping to jog ahead. Note: These dogs are 90 and 70 lb. animals. They walk on a joint leash. Moe weighs 21 lbs. One of them attacked Moe when we first got him last August.
To continue: I did get a good distance between us and the other dogs. I could hear our neighbor yelling at his dogs behind us. Moe could not hear him or the dogs barking. He's completely deaf. He was sniffing a tree. What I did not know was that as our neighbor was ushering his daughters across the intersection, his dogs broke the link that connected them to him. They came up behind me at about 15 mph, one on either side, and I did a Fosbury Flop onto my right buttock. Only I did not land in a pile of foam. I landed on the hard, sandy, dirty ground. Note: Many of these details are from my neighbor, who came down twice to see how I was, to see if I needed a ride to the vet, to apologize profusely. I could not get up. There were three dogs on my legs. Two of them were attacking Moe. I remember saying, "Get your dogs away from mine!" and that my sister said it was okay to kick another dog in Moe's defense. So I tried to kick the dogs. My neighbor arrived. With the force he used to pull his dogs, he fell back. He hollered for me to get my dog away, since he unknowingly took Moe's leash with him. I untangled Moe and got him to sit. He calmed the instant he was separated. It's taken me almost a week to calm.

Moe is fine. His chest and stomach were covered in saliva, which then had sand and grit sticking to it. We gave him a bath. He slept the rest of the day. I am fine now. I have one tiny scratch on my leg with a large bruise. Two days after the fall, the entire right side of my body throbbed. No one but Sarah could touch my shoulder. With heat, soaking, yoga and Riki, my body seems to be healing itself. I still want to get a massage, possibly a chiropractic adjustment. Baby is good. I was concerned all day, but movement started at its usual time - when I lay down to read with Sarah at night. I think my neighbor almost had a heart attack. He was so worried about me. He brought me these later in the afternoon.

Yes, he's very sorry.

And that is what happened last week.

When I get the chance, I want to write about what happened a year ago today. The memories are fonder - our first day in Paris.


Molly said...

Wow... I'm so glad that you and baby are ok. That sounds incredibly scary. (And can I just say for the record that I don't understand why people get huge dogs they can't control... I see that up close here with B's aunt.) Stay well!

Whittney said...

I am sooo glad you are both OK, and so sorry that happened :( It's extra frightening when these things happen during pregnancy- Thang God our body's are such great cushions for our little ones!!