Thursday, October 23, 2008

little libertarian?

intro: Sarah reads everything! And asks what it's about. She has not yet reached the "weeding out" stage - where you can pass something without reading it or read and discern that the information is not pertinent to you at the moment. She's approaching this, but still has a lot of questions. I'm glad she's still asking. When I was 7, in the backseat of our station wagon on a summer vacation, I was also reading everything, including the fine print on the mosquito repellent. I read far enough to learn how to operate the aerosol can. Before I got to the, "WARNING: Do not point nozzle towards face." my eyes were full of the stuff. That warning is there for a reason. I vaguely remember my father racing his screaming child into a gas station to flush her eyes. I distinctly remember vowing to my little self to never read again, but then I finished the fine print, to be sure I still could read.

I digress...

My brother's family arrived today. We met them for dinner. On our way there, Sarah asked who all the different candidates were after reading their signs. So, who is Bob Barr and what party is he with? And what does the Libertarian party believe?

On the way home from dinner she said, "I want to talk more about that Bob guy and the party that believes people are smart enough to make decisions for themselves."


melina said...

Yet another proof that little people are quite totally capable of understanding big concepts. I love Sarah's Old Soul brain!

Cerwydwyn said...

I love that kid! She is so confident and self-assured Fascinating how she grasped onto that one, important concept.